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The Macji Story

Macji Consulting Group Ltd. was started with the vision of providing start-up companies and other small businesses with access to executive level talent for a price they can actually afford.  Since starting out, we have continued to maintain this vision and have helped several corporations and individuals reach the revenue targets they knew they could achieve. On top of this, we have partner with some of most respected corporations in the Province to expand our portfolio into new sectors as well. 

We invite you to take a journey through our website and connect with us so we can show you that not every consulting company is "just another consulting company". 


At Macji, our motto is, "The only thing you can ask from people in business is their time and transparency". But what does this actually mean?


The importance of time in business should never be forgotten. When people need you, they expect timely responses. When people meet with you, they expect to meet at the exact time you have scheduled; no more, no less. And when people make effort to complete tasks for you, whether good or bad, you remind them their time is valued. 

The second element of our motto is transparency. There is often a misconception if business that it is rude to say no or to provide open and honest feedback. The reality is that any business or individual who cannot appreciate the value of an honest assessment with logical feedback is not going to succeed.

So remember, whether the result is positive or negative, give people your time and always be honest. At Macji, we promise to always maintain this commitment. 

Meet The Owner

Hi there!, my name is Mackenzie Ingram and I am the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Macji Consulting Group Ltd. I have resided in Canada my entire life and currently reside in the Toronto area. 


Some of my biggest accomplishments so far include:

- Completing a 4-year honours bachelor program at a Canadian University in 2.5 years

-Earning my first Director at the age of 25.

-Growing the portfolio of a Canadian franchise by 47% in less than a year.

-Generating $150,000 gross profit for a new Cannabis franchise within 6 weeks of partnering together.

-Increasing the retail footprint of a new pet consumable brand in Ontario by 2,000% in 8 months.

-Successfully winning the rights for Second Cup Coffee to open a cafe in the Edmonton Public Library through a RFP

I'd love to speak further about how I can help you further develop your company or professional portfolio. Reach out to me directly at the e-mail below to chat further!

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