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You Need To Treat Unemployment Like Employment: The Sad Truth About Looking For A New Job

"I've applied to 100 jobs and nobody has gotten back to me. I'm so frustrated, what can I do?".

How many times have you heard someone say something similar to this? Whether it's been yourself or someone you know, most of us have some type of personal experience with the difficulties of finding a new job.

Unemployment is exhausting and depressing. Even for those who are retired, not working or having regular disposable income coming in can be the most stressful part of their day-to-day lives.

But the sad part is, most people who are unemployed for longer than 2-3 months do not have a job either due to lack of flexibility or lack of trying.

Now, this isn't to say there aren't specific cases when obtaining a job is more difficult. For example, having no work experience or lacking the proper documentation to work is always going to limit your opportunities. However, there are often still permanent jobs or short term gigs available if you take the time to sit down, look, and treat unemployment like a job,.

But what does this mean, how do I pretend unemployment is the same as employment?

What we mean by this is, consider your last job. If you worked full-time, this means you worked 7-8 hours every single day. Now, what if you spend the same amount of time every day for two weeks solely focused on finding a new job; what do you think you could accomplish?

If you applied to 20 jobs an hour for 5 days, that would be 800 jobs! The great news is, it takes only an average of 21-80 job offers to find your next opportunity. With 10x the volume, you are guaranteed to at least get an interview.

By taking day a day or two to accept a potential loss of job and using another day to update your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and any job boards you use such as LinkedIn or Indeed, you will be mentally and physically prepared to take on the gruelling battle of submitting jobs.

The area you focus on to find jobs may depend on your situation, but in a scenario where you immediately need employment it is important to remember to stay flexible. Factories, restaurants, construction sites, call centres, and shopping malls will likely always have some type of entry-level opening you can apply for.

These may not be ideal for you long-term, but, they are each a great way to have short term income while you are searching for a new role closer to your field.

When you are looking for something in your field, remember that employers today are much more flexible with remote work environments. This means even if you live in an area with few local opportunities, using Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, or Kijiji and searching for opportunities outside of your city may be the ticket to finding your next job.

Lastly, it is important to remember that you are not the only person looking for a job. Every person needs consistent income in today's society, so every job you don't apply for, is a job somebody else will take.

What is the best way to deal with unemployment?

Treat it like employment.

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